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Your grade-schooler or teen may be revved up for their first soccer, baseball, track, or volleyball practice, but they’re not ready to get in the game until they’ve passed their sports physical. The top-notch team at Calvary Urgent Care, led by a board-certified sports medicine physician, offers stress-free walk-in sports physicals for kids of all ages in the greater Houston area. Call their Humble, Texas office, or book online today to learn more.

Sports Physical Q&A

What’s a sports physical?

A sports physical, or pre-participation physical exam (PPE), assesses your child’s medical history, current health status, and physical readiness to ensure they can safely engage in team sports and other organized recreational athletic activities. 

Although the state of Texas only requires sports physicals for student athletes entering sixth, ninth, and eleventh grades, the practitioners at Calvary Urgent Care recommend yearly sports physicals for all young athletes, starting in kindergarten. 

What does a sports physical cover?

Like all physical exams, a sports physical begins with routine measurements of your child’s height, weight, temperature, blood pressure, and resting heart rate. 

Next, the provider listens to your child’s heart to check for any irregularities, murmurs, or signs of dysfunction that may affect them during increased or intense physical activity. After examining your child’s ears, nose, throat, and abdomen, the provider checks their: 

  • Lung health and capacity
  • Posture and joint stability 
  • Muscle tone and flexibility

Unless your child already has a corrective lens prescription, they can also expect a quick vision test to determine if they need to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses to play sports. Whether they require vision correction or not, the Calvary Urgent Care team recommends protective eyewear for all kids who play contact sports. 

What should I bring to my child’s exam?

If you have a PPE form from your child’s school, bring it to their physical along with their immunization record. To save time, you can fill out the top portion of the PPE form, which covers your child’s health history, before your appointment.

It’s important to answer all questions as accurately as possible, as your child’s complete health history is key to determining whether they can play a specific sport without any restrictions.    

When’s the best time to get a sports physical?

Although the team at Calvary Urgent Care is usually able to provide full clearance for sports participation at the end of the exam, it’s a good idea to complete your child’s sports physical at least one month before their first practice in case it exposes any health issues that require further investigation, testing, or care.  

The team at Calvary Urgent Care aims to provide comprehensive sports physicals that are easy and efficient, with no advanced scheduling required — simply walk in when it’s convenient for you and see a board-certified practitioner right away.  

To learn more about walk-in sports physicals, call Calvary Urgent Care or book online today.