The Benefits of an Urgent Care Pharmacy

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The Benefits of an Urgent Care Pharmacy

When you go to an urgent care facility, it means you have a problem that can’t wait. So, why undo all the good of speedy care by driving to another location and waiting in line to get your medicine?

Dr. Joseph Goin and our team here at Calvary Urgent Care in Humble, Texas, are committed to treating you with skill, compassion, and efficiency. That’s why we’ve streamlined your urgent care experience even more by offering a full-service pharmacy right here in our facility. Here’s how our on-site pharmacy plays an important role in your health, healing, and wellness.


Whether you’re sick or injured, the best thing you can do is rest. But if you have to travel to the pharmacy and wait for a prescription, it robs you of valuable down time, and may even exacerbate your condition. (Zolpidem)

Our on-site pharmacy allows you to receive immediate care and leave with all the necessary medications, so you can get home faster and start getting better sooner.


When doctors prescribe medications, they send a message to the pharmacist. The pharmacist then confirms the prescription by calling the doctor. If there are any questions about the medication, you may have to wait until both parties are free to converse with one another.

Our in-house pharmacy cuts the red tape and speeds up the process. Our pharmacists can reach our team any time, so you don’t have to wait.


Another benefit of having your pharmacist and doctor on the same premises is that they can easily compare notes about medications. Our close relationship means that there’s less chance of potentially negative drug reactions.


Because we all work together here at Calvary Urgent Care, our pharmacy team has all the detailed information necessary to communicate with your insurance company. With fewer phone calls and messages between your provider, the pharmacy, and the insurer, you get your prescription faster and with less hassle.


Nonadherence — a term that describes those who don’t take their medication or don’t take it properly — is a big problem.

Some patients never go to the pharmacy to get their prescription filled. We understand that when you’re sick or injured, you may put off that chore until later; but when later becomes never, you may delay your healing or make your condition worse.

Another type of nonadherence is taking your medication incorrectly. Many drugs come with very specific instructions regarding when and how to take them, so it’s important to have a pharmacist who can explain things clearly, like our team here at Calvary Urgent Care.

It’s also important to continue taking your medication for the full prescribed duration. Stopping too soon can cause additional problems.

We know that often the instructions seem clear when you first hear them, but things get foggy later on. We expect you to have questions, and we’re here to answer them. If you’re concerned about a reaction you’re having, can’t remember how often to take a dose, or need a refill, just call us. The Calvary Urgent Care pharmacy solves the problems of nonadherence.

If the benefits of an urgent care facility with an on-site pharmacy sound good to you, we hope you’ll choose Calvary Urgent Care next time you need immediate medical attention for you or your family. To learn more or to make an appointment, call us today or book a visit online.